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Daraa Tribes

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Saharan Blues & Tribal Fusion

Daara Tribes creates a modern Saharan Blues style of music. Each member represents one of the 5 different tribes from the Daraa River Valley that runs down the southeastern corner of Morocco. Their music pays tribute to the unique expressions of generations of ancestral musicians that preceded them, while also being rooted in the influences the multilingual and multicultural society they grew up in. The music fuses the tribal sounds of the Gnawa, Saharoua, Amazigh, Regaga and Lkaaba together with a medley of contemporary styles including the Saharan Blues. The band-members manage to capture the diversity of their origins. By doing so, they celebrate and share the same messages of peace and tolerance that the tribes from the Daraa River Valley have been doing for years. Their style is influenced by the great Ali Farka Toure of Mali, the Toureg Rock band Tinariwen of Northern Mali as well as the musicians from their own families and tribes.

Prix et distinctions: Selection Visa for Music, 2017


Intercultural Project between Canada and Morocco |  « La terre n’a qu’un soleil »

After a successful first Intercultural Project in Morocco in October 2017, Marchande d’idées is pleased to announce—in partnership with the Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke (FTMS)—a new edition of her on-going project, which will take place in Sherbrooke from August 10-12, 2018. This partnership will allow for a musical residence and exchange between Daraa Tribes from the Drâa River Valley in Morocco and Red Tail Spirit from Canada.

During three days, Daraa Tribes and Red Tail Spirit will draw on their own experiences and cultures to create a musical piece to be presented on the last day of the Festival. Festival-goers will witness a real mix of culture through music and workshops offered by each group. This will be a first trip to Canada for Daraa Tribes whose members represent five different tribes: Gnawa, Saharoua, Amazigh, Regaga and Lkaaba.


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Sunday, August 12 to 18:30 Bistro Intercultural Project between Canada and Morocco | Collaboration between Red Tail Spirit and Daraa Tribes | Exchange - Culture - Change


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