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Flávia Nascimento

Please note that this is an archive

Available:From August 12 at noon to August 16, 2020

Brazilian music

The rich, warm voice of Flávia Nascimento transports us instantly to the Brazilian sun. Her original compositions are inspired by Afro-Brazilian music and by Brazilian popular music (MPB). Flávia brings us moments full of joy and tenderness, inviting us to swing.

Flávia has performed on dozens of shows around the world, most recently at the Forró Family in London, an outstanding performance at the Tel Aviv Jazz Festival and a collaboration with Zale Seck and the Masseka group at Senegal. She has been invited from across the country to participate in music festivals such as the Vancouver Folk Fest, the Sunfest in London, the Folklorama in Winnipeg and the Toronto Luminato Festival. Of course, she can be also seen on the favorite stages of the Quebec City Summer Festival, the Journées d’Afrique and the Francofolies in Montreal, not to mention that she won the STINGRAY MUSIC ÉTOILES PRIX ÉTOILES in Montreal, 2015.

Photo credits: Maria Taboza


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Flavia Nascimento, Voice and triangle
Mari Palhares, Drums and zabumba
Junior Dias, Accordion

Featured songs

  1. Aux amours des filles (Luiz Gonzaga adapted in French by Guylaine Saint-Pierre)
  2. Beija-flor (Flávia Nascimento)
  3. A ema gemeu (Sebastiana-Luiz Gonzaga)


Mike Filippov, video

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