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The Festival

This festive global village invites you to be amazed by the worldwide rhythms of cultures through music, dance, food, craft and more!

During 5 days, more than 500 artistes from around the globe offer 150 shows and workshops on 9 indoor and outdoor stages. Immerse yourself in the heart of cultures thanks to the unique Festival thematic tents.

The Family corner awaits young and old to have fun and make memorable discoveries.

Explore the 17 international restaurants to delight your taste buds, and the 70 kiosks of the exhibitors and artisans to purchase exotic products.

The Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke is a grand gathering, a place of discovery, of surprises and of joyous meetings, a unique window onto the world, a door open to diversity.


The Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke is a multicultural gathering which offers a series of spectacular and participative activities for every public.

Since its inception in 1998, the harmonization of inter-ethnic relations through the celebration and promotion of the various traditions of the world is at the heart of the priorities of the organization.

The event is conducted with consideration and particular attention given to cultural differences and the family, while highlighting various values, such as openness, respect, commitment, professionalism and team spirit. In this way, the Festival contributes to creating a community, as well as allowing traditions to bridge the generational and cultural gaps.

Photos and videos

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Prizes and Awards


Prix Coup d’éclat

Gestion des bénévoles


Fondation Estrienne en Environnement

Finalist in the environmental group and non-profit organization category


Grand Prize for Tourisme Desjardins des Cantons-de-l’Est

Festivals and tourist events category with a budget of
$300,000 to $1M – National Bronze Medal Winner


Prix Hommage Bénévolat-Québec

Organization Category


Grand Prize for Tourisme Desjardins des Cantons-de-l’Est

Festivals and tourist events category with a budget of
less than $1M


Grand Prize for Tourisme Desjardins des Cantons-de-l’Est

Festivals and tourist events category with a budget of
$300,000 to $1M


Les Prix Coup d’Éclat

Finalist at the Prix Coup d’Éclat, Festivals événements Québec
(Peoples of the desert big top)


Les Prix Coup d’Éclat

Awarded a prize by the Comité de vigilance et d’action pour l’harmonisation des relations interculturelles de l’Estrie – Tribute with special mention


Gala Reconnaissance Estrie

Finalist at the Reconnaissance Estrie
Event of the year category


La Chambre de Commerce de Fleurimont

Finalist for the Fleurimont Chamber of Commerce
Activity of the Year


Les Prix Coup d’Éclat

Finalist at the Les Prix Coup d’Éclat, Festivals and Quebec events – Television publicity category


Gala Reconnaissance Estrie

Finalist at the Reconnaissance Estrie
Winner – Association or non-profit organization


La Chambre de Commerce de Fleurimont

Finalist for the Fleurimont Chamber of Commerce – Activity of the year


Réseau Québécois de Villes Et Villages En Santé

Villes et villages en santé (healthy cities, towns, and villages) – Special mention


Concrete Actions

Striving to reduce the environmental impact the Festival makes in our community, organizers have implemented a series of measures to solidify the Festival’s commitment to the environment and sustainable development.

A policy of sustainable development

In a sustainable development dynamic, the Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke is well aware of the environmental impact that holding the event can create. As a touristic product in the sector of cultural events, the Festival uses the resources of its milieu and produces considerable waste, putting more pressure on the natural, socio-cultural, and economic environment. To counter these negative effects, the Festival adopted a policy of sustainable development three years ago that seeks to :

  • ensure Festival actions fall within the confines of existing laws and regulations;
  • minimize its ecological footprint;
  • make visitors, artists, artisans, exhibitors, restaurateurs, volunteers, partners, suppliers, and sponsors aware of the various points of sustainable development.

 The Festival prioritizes the following actions :

1. Management of residual waste : To implement initiatives that promote best environmental practices as regards the management of organic and non-organic matter, based on the principle of the 4Rs (rethink, reduce, re-use, recycle).

2. Mobility of visitors and participants : To increase the accessibility of events while improving environmental performance; in partnership with the Société de transport de Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke transit) reducing bus fares from $3.25 to $1 for the duration of the Festival and offer free shuttle bus service to access the site.

3. Eco-responsible procurement : To favour local suppliers, thereby contributing to the regional economy and reducing the environmental impact associated with long-distance transportation.

4. Responsible employer : To promote harmonious relationships between employees by offering them a clean and safe workplace; to have equitable hiring practices and fair working conditions.

5. The role of volunteers : To invite people from the local community to volunteer time and talent to the benefit of the Festival. Every year, over 450 volunteers, divided into 20 committees, help to make the Festival a success.

6. Environmental awareness : To help visitors and participants develop an environmental culture and encourage them to make respect for the environment part of their daily lives.

We need your help!



Since the 17th edition in 2014, the Festival has been working to limit the number of disposable glasses on the site and sell reusable glasses that festival-goers can keep during all festivities and even after.


Green recycling bins can be found throughout the site. Make sure you use them to discard plastic bottles and glasses.


We provide compostable dishes. Make sure you put them in the brown compost bins when you are finished eating. Great idea, don’t you think?

Travel more ecologically : Come to the Festival by bus. It only costs a dollar! You can also leave your car at the CEGEP de Sherbrooke or at the Galeries Quatre Saisons and take the shuttle bus free of charge.

Or use the platform of ride sharing Amigo Espress!




Organizing committee

Malika Bajjaje
Executive Director

Andrée-Anne Coté
Programming Director

Jean-Charles Doyon
Director of Operations
Responsible for private funding

Carolina Lopez Salvador
Volunteer coordinator
Responsible for sustainable development
Responsible for kiosk and restaurant

Valérie Saracosa
Communications & marketing Director

Aurélie Caudron
Promotion & Social media Coordinator

Renata Torun

Valérie Fortin-Fournaise
Accountant Assistant

Stéphane Verscheure
Logistics Director

Gabriel Doyon
Head of the field team

Paul Purcell
Technical Director

Alexandra Le Blay
Coordination assistant – Intern

Marie Rouyet
Programming Intern

Directors of the Volunteer Committee

Bar Committee
Guy Lafond

Security and Parking
Sylvain Côté

VIP and Paid Activities
Michel Lessard

Volunteer management
Louise Courchesne

Product distribution
Denis Roy

Venues / Animation
France Brochu et Réjean Boisvert

Custum service
Marie-Josée Gaudette

Irish Pub Manager
Lyne Giguère

Shack of America Manager
Michel Talbot

Board of directors

Patrick Rahimaly

Lorena Cruz

Richard Duplessis

Sylvain Côté
Board Member

Shah Ismatullah Habibi
Board Member

Audrey-Anne Lavoie
Board Member

Malika Bajjaje
Executive Director

Previous editions



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