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Striving to reduce the environmental impact the Festival makes in our community, organizers have implemented a series of measures to solidify the Festival’s commitment to the environment and sustainable development.

Water Stations

For its 22nd edition, the FTMS has gone greener than ever by eliminating all water bottles from its site, which represents nearly 10,000 bottles! To make it easier for festivalgoers to hydrate, 3 artistic water stations created by a Sherbrooke architect and representing natural habitats were installed on the grounds of the Festival. The addition of poems and “Saviez-vous que?” on the stations also informed and nurtured the environmental awareness of festivalgoers.

Don’t forget to bring your reusable watter bottles to your next visit to the Festival!. Reusable bottles will also be on sale on site!


 The Festival prioritizes the 10 following actions

Environmental actions

1. Management of residual waste: To implement initiatives that promote best environmental practices as regards the management of organic and non-organic matter, based on the principle of the 4Rs (rethink, reduce, re-use, recycle).

2. Mobility of visitors and participants: To increase the accessibility of events while improving environmental performance; in partnership with the Société de transport de Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke transit) reducing bus fares from $3.75 to $1 for the duration of the Festival and offer free shuttle bus service to access the site.

3. Eco-responsible procurement: To favour local suppliers, thereby contributing to the regional economy and reducing the environmental impact associated with long-distance transportation.

4. Environmental awareness: To help visitors and participants develop an environmental culture and encourage them to make respect for the environment part of their daily lives.

Social actions

5. The role of volunteers: To invite people from the local community to volunteer time and talent to the benefit of the Festival. Every year, over 500 volunteers, divided into 20 committees, help to make the Festival a success.

6. Responsible employer: To promote harmonious relationships between employees by offering them a clean and safe workplace; to have equitable hiring practices and fair working conditions.


7. Accessible to all: We have donated tickets and passports to community organisations, and have made available parking spaces and special equipment for persons with disabilities and reduced mobility.

8. Social Cohesion: We are dedicated to improving social cohesion in our region by promoting culture and traditions from around the world. This takes place through an ambitious and diverse programme of activities, and by 60 workshops that integrate members of the community.

Économical actions

9. Regional impact: We are a major cultural tourism attraction who contribute to the Ville de Sherbrooke’s economic development by attracting large numbers of local and non-local visitors.

10. Locally sourced produce: We want to increase our local economic impact by prioritizing local suppliers and by dedicating 90% of our annual budget to local purchases. We also support local artists and encourage their participation in the Festival.


We need your help!

Sustainable transport

Helps us reduce our carbon footprint by choosing alternative methods of transport!

Public transport, our bus shuttle, car sharing… Discover all available options on our website.

Going to the Festival


Green recycling bins can be found throughout the site. Make sure you use them to discard plastic bottles and glasses.


We provide compostable dishes. Make sure you put them in the brown compost bins when you are finished eating. Great idea, don’t you think?

Thanks to Festivals et événements verts de l’Estrie, who supports the Festival’s eco-friendly efforts. 




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