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Trad.Attack! / Make Your Move

Please note that this is an archive

Available:From August 12 at noon to August 16, 2020

Estonian roots in a modern way

Trad.Attack takes something old and sacred, something that has been passed down the generations in secrecy, and drag it out into the daylight of the 21st century. In the hands of Trad.Attack!, this mystical something reveals its long-forgotten roots in a catching, ultra-modern way.

Awards and Mentions:

ESTONIAN ETHNO MUSIC AWARDS 2014 – Best Band, Album, Song, Newcomer and Radio 2 special award of the year.
ESTONIAN MUSIC AWARDS 2015 – Best Ethno/Folk album& Music Video of the year
ESTONIAN ETHNO MUSIC AWARDS 2015 – Best Band, Album & Song of the year
ESTONIAN MUSIC AWARDS 2016 – Best Band, Album & Ethno/Folk Album of the year
ESTONIAN ETHNO MUSIC AWARDS 2016 – Best Band of the year
ESTONIAN ETHNO MUSIC AWARDS 2017 – Best Band, Album & Song of the year
ESTONIAN MUSIC AWARDS 2018 – Best Band & Ethno/Folk album of the year
ESTONIAN POP MUSIC AWARD- GOLDEN ALBUM 2018- Most Sold Band CD of the Year in Estonia & Most Sold Vinyl of the Year in Estonia

Photo credits: Jelena Rudi and Rene Altrov


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Sandra Vabarna, Bagbipe, jaw’s harp, glockenspiel and vocals
Jalmar Vabarnam, 12 strings guitar and vocals
Tõnu Tublim Drums, trombone and vocals

Featured songs

  1. Miks Te Ei Laula – Why don’t You Sing (Lyrics from Tõstamaa, 1921)
  2. Vanamees / Old Man (Lyrics from Kolga-Jaani 1886 & Ambla, 1894)
  3. Aned-luiged / Geese And Swans
  4. Armasta MInd / Love Me (Lyrics from Häädemeeste, 1963)

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