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Ze Radcliffe Fanfare

Please note that this is an archive

Available:From August 12 at noon to August 16, 2020

Balkan Brass Band

Partying street musicking balkan-ish brass band, with latin american influences. We jump on stage or in the streets to make you clap and stomp and sing the most sparkling street music from all over the globe. Ze Radcliffe is on the run!

Photo credits: Dominick Ménard, Frédéric Gosselin and Ann Lamarque


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Élisabeth Besozzi
Elise Legrand
Laetitia Francoz Lévesque
Jesse Ens
Simon Landry
Etienne Lepesqueux
Étienne Leclerc
Maxime Lévesque
Francis Marcoux
Nicolas Quaegebeur
Jasmin Chabot
Lévy LeBlanc

Featured songs

  1. Kopanitsa
  2. Nu Mai Beau
  3. Of, leliță Mărioară


Matthew Gaines et Jérémie Labelle, Video recording
Nicolas Quaegebeur, Video editing
Francis Marcoux, Mixing

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