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The StepCrew

Please note that this is an archive

Available:From August 12 at noon to August 16, 2020

Celtic dance fusion

Founded by Cara Butler, Nathan Pilatzke, and Jon Pilatzke, The StepCrew is a completely unique extravaganza of Celtic dance and music.  Along with one of today’s most talented musical ensembles this tour de force brings together Irish dance, Tap, and Ottawa Valley stepdancing.

Cara Butler – 6 times North American Champion of Irish dance
Nathan Pilatzke – 3 times Canadian Champion of Ottawa Valley stepdance
Jon Pilatzke – 3 times Canadian Champion of Ottawa Valley stepdance

Photo credits: Brian Lawler


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Devan Ballagh, Feet & Tap dance
Paige Ballagh, Keyboards
Rob Becker, Acoustic & Electric Bass
Cara Butler, Feet & Irish dance
Christine Carr, Feet & Tap dance
Shane Cook, Fiddle
Julie Fitzgerald, Feet, Tap dance & Fiddle
Will MacMorran, Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Angelo Miceli, Drums & Bodhran
Jon Pilatzke, Feet, & Ottawa Valley Dance & Fiddle
Nathan Pilatzke, Feet & Ottawa Valley Dance
John Smith, Acoustic Guitar & Cello effects

Featured songs

  1. French canadian set
    • Reel du Violon Monte en Vielle (Trad.)
    • French Reel (Trad.)
    • The Temple House (Trad.)
    • Le Reel du Printemps (Trad.)
  2. Jiggs
    • Manus Lunny’s Teracotta Plower Pot (P. Cunningham)
    • O’Leary’s Motorbike (P. Davey)
    • Paddy Taylor’s (Trad.)
  3. Seisiun
    • Josefin’s Waltz (R. Tallroth)
    • Humors Of Glendart (Trad.)
    • Jackson’s Reel (Trad.)
    • The Cup Of Tea (Trad.)


Nathan Pilatzke, Video Editing
John Smith, Audio Production

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